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Cristo Rey Falls

October 27, 2011 - 7:00pm -- Shawn

After El Pilar, we started around another unpaved road from Santa Elana, through San Antonio, past the Green Hills Butterfly Farm, and around to Georgeville. Only short spans of it through towns was paved. It was more slow bumpy going.

Along the road, we stopped at Cristo Rey Falls for a dip. This is not exactly a major tourist trap. We took a side road, (off the unpaved road), and parked alongside some houses before the road became too gnarly to continue driving. It was just a short walk to the creek.

Cristo Rey Falls looked like it belonged in a cave. Indeed, there were even stalactites. Hanging under the waterfall. We jumped off a log into the river and as we stood there in the water, little tiny fish nibbled at our toes.

As we were there, it started to rain so we headed back to our little chariot and continued along the road.

Looking Downstream
Dad Below the Falls
Tree Roots on the Rock Face
Looks like Stalactites
Water Slides Down Sandstone