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Back on the bumpy Belize road after Cristo Rey Falls. We stopped in San Antonio for a lunch of beer and bananas. A little further down the road we stopped at the Green Hills Butterfly Farm.
After El Pilar, we started around another unpaved road from Santa Elana, through San Antonio, past the Green Hills Butterfly Farm, and around to Georgeville. Only short spans of it through towns was paved. It was more slow bumpy going.

Last Friday, October 21, the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) played host to the first ever (or so I've been told) Higher Education Drupal Summit. This all-day event was envisioned by the BADCamp organizers as part of a suite of events to take place the day before the camp sessions.

I had landed the day before and picked up Dad from Georgeville. El Pilar Archeological Reserve was the first destination on the itinerary for our Great Belize Adventure.
I will be presenting "Beginning Git" at the Bay Area Drupal Camp this weekend. Ever since I caught wind that Drupal was (finally!) moving off of the archaic CVS version control system, and started planning the Great Git Migration, I took it upon myself to be sure that I learn everything I could about Git.

This past Summer, I had the privilege of taking a trip to Belize. My father signed up to run Vacation Bible Schools in Georgeville and San Ignacio, Belize. After which, he was going to do some adventuring on his own and he invited me to come along. I couldn't say no, and I'm certainly glad I went. is now on Drupal 7! I'll post more blogs about some of the cool stuff I did to get the site working the way I wanted.
Sport photography, much like ballet photography, is all about catching the action. Outside in a Davis sunny summer day provides an extra benefit: The light is adequate. In fact, the light is more than adequate. it's downright harsh. That provides its own problems.
This was probably my favorite photo that I entered into the 2008 Yolo County Fair. This one was a sure thing; my golden ticket. This one was definitely going to win me a blue ribbon. It's my best category, after all: "Nature, wild".
This is my latest photo shoot for Shannon's ballet studio. Shannon takes classes with Pamela Trokanski's Dance Workshop, and I have taken photographs at a number of performances. This was part of the "Fairy Tales" performance in February, 2008. This photo was taken of the latter part of "The Little Match Girl" when the Angels show up to take her away. Very moving, and the dancers performed beautifully.


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